Sunday, February 20, 2011

~my first day as a Fashion student~

Hiya guys,okay I know i'm 1 year late to be blogging bout my journey as a fashion student..i've been busy gathering all pics and remembering back all the memories i had for the year 2010.So i'll start my blog with my first day of COLLEGE...dum dum dum..
I started my day with a ride from my oldest brother to the Wangsa Maju LRT station.It was quite an interesting day to start off,the LRT (out of nowhere) suddenly stopped HARD..and i mean HARD.The sudden brake made me squish the person next to me..brouhaha
From Wangsa Maju,i'll stop at Dang Wangi station where i'll walk to the Bukit Nanas monorail'll usually take me 10 mins++ of power walking to the monorail station..and now i've just wondered why my legs aren't toned enough..?? hmm.Then,after 2 station,i've arrived to the PLACE..BUKIT BINTANG...
A geek as i am,i arrived quite early..9 30 to be exact.Ahh,those were the RAJIN days...i remembered,hey there's a girl wearing a Hijab like me who also was waiting at the front door..and she turns out to be my bestie Norsyarehan bt Ahmad Razali..ngeee =) the college opened around 10:10 am,i walked in to wait for my design class..the design teacher was K.Nik Maznah and boy was she trendy and LOUD.I started drawing then as time goes by more students started showing up,there was NURIN,AZI,CARRYN,KALAI and more..we ended up going to lunch together..
After lunch,I was assigned to K.Nazreen's sewing class.Being an amateur to sewing,it was a hard day for me..and to top it off,there was this group laughing and talking loudly.That made it worse for me to learn and concentrate..and all i wanted was to CRY and SLEEP...but,i sucked up all my frustration and started sewing my basic 4:30,I was gone like the wind~~i got home around 5: 15 and told everyone bout my day..quite an interesting and challenging day but I managed to smile in the end because this is what I signed up become a Fashion Designer~~LOL

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